If PayPal stole your money under the note “Payment to: Paypal; PayPal’s damages caused by Acceptable Use Policy violation.” this community will help you on how to recover your funds based on previous success stories. Most people who recovered their funds will not disclose anything because they usually sign NDA with PayPal as a part of the settlement.

You should all know the difference between what is legal and illegal, PayPal agreement and AUP charges by itself is legal but the way PayPal charging sellers like us AUP damages is illegal because they debit random arbitrary amounts to empty the balance to ZERO!


They are enforcing this in a corrupt way breaching their own user agreement which estimated damage costs at $2,500 USD per violation and NOT per transaction!

Recovering your funds depends on having commitment and taking the proper legal action depending on your country, you can find free relevant tips by visiting our non-profit website [https://aupdamages.com](https://aupdamages.com) or join our Discord server [https://discord.gg/9ythmwcGzW](https://discord.gg/9ythmwcGzW).

Use the search on AUPDamages.com to find help!

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