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PayPal Singapore: How to recover money

Countries Under PayPal Singapore

?? Algeria, ?? Angola, ?? Benin, ?? Botswana, ?? Burkina Faso, ?? Burundi, ?? Cameroon, ?? Cape Verde, ?? Chad, ?? Comoros, ?? Cote d’Ivoire, ?? Democratic Republic of the Congo, ?? Djibouti, ?? Egypt, ?? Eritrea, ?? Ethiopia, ?? Gabon Republic, ?? Gambia, ?? Guinea, ?? Guinea-Bissau, ?? Kenya, ?? Lesotho, ?? Madagascar, ?? Malawi, ?? Mali, ?? Mauritania, ?? Mauritius, ?? Morocco, ?? Mozambique, ?? Namibia, ?? Niger, ?? Nigeria, ?? Republic of the Congo, ?? Rwanda, ?? Saint Helena, ?? Sao Tome and Principe, ?? Senegal, ?? Seychelles, ?? Sierra Leone, ?? Somalia, ?? South Africa, ?? Swaziland, ?? Tanzania, ?? Togo, ?? Tunisia, ?? Uganda, ?? Zambia, ?? Zimbabwe, ?? Anguilla, ?? Antigua and Barbuda, ?? Argentina, ?? Aruba, ?? Bahamas, ?? Barbados, ?? Belize, ?? Bermuda, ?? Bolivia, ?? British Virgin Islands, ?? Cayman Islands, ?? Chile, ?? Colombia, ?? Costa Rica, ?? Dominica, ?? Dominican Republic, ?? Ecuador, ?? El Salvador, ?? Falkland Islands, ?? Greenland, ?? Grenada, ?? Guatemala, ?? Guyana, ?? Honduras, ?? Jamaica, ?? Mexico, ?? Montserrat, Antilles, ?? Nicaragua, ?? Panama, ?? Paraguay, ?? Peru, ?? Saint Kitts and Nevis, ?? Saint Lucia, ?? Saint Pierre and Miquelon, ?? Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, ?? Suriname, ?? Trinidad and Tobago, ?? Turks and Caicos, ?? Uruguay, ?? Venezuela, ?? Armenia, ?? Bahrain, ?? Bhutan, ?? Brunei, ?? Cambodia, ?? Mainland China, ?? Cook Islands, ?? Fiji, ?? French Polynesia, ?? Indonesia, ?? Israel, ?? Japan, ?? Jordan, ?? Kazakhstan, ?? Kiribati, ?? Kuwait, ?? Kyrgyzstan, ?? Laos, ?? Malaysia, ?? Maldives, ?? Marshall Islands, ?? Federated States of Micronesia, ?? Mongolia, ?? Nauru, ?? Nepal, ?? New Caledonia, ?? New Zealand, ?? Niue, ?? Norfolk Island, ?? Oman, ?? Palau, ?? Papua New Guinea, ?? Philippines, ?? Pitcairn Islands, ?? Qatar, ?? Samoa, ?? Saudi Arabia, ?? Singapore, ?? Solomon Islands, ?? South Korea, ?? Sri Lanka, ?? Taiwan, China, ?? Tajikistan, ?? Tonga, ?? Turkmenistan, ?? Tuvalu, ?? United Arab Emirates, ?? Vanuatu, ?? Vietnam, ?? Wallis and Futuna, ?? Yemen, ?? Ukraine, ?? Switzerland, ?? Serbia, ?? Svalbard and Jan Mayen, ?? Moldova, ?? Monaco, ?? Montenegro, ?? North Macedonia, ?? Iceland, ?? Georgia, ?? Faroe Islands, ?? Bosnia and Herzegovina, ?? Belarus, ?? Azerbaijan Republic, ?? Andorra and ?? Albania.

? ? Anyone here from Africa/Asia/South America whose accounts related to PayPal Singapore in the list above⤴️
We made email template so people with not very good English can use

How to Complaint to MAS

  1. Make sure to replace spaces marked in yellow with your (Real full name – Country – Transaction ID)
  2. Make sure to attach any screenshots from your PayPal account.
  3. You mainly complaint to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) by sending to ([email protected]) they will assign you a case number and ask you if you want to forward your case to PayPal management, you then respond to MAS with your consent to escalate the case by forwarding your feedback to PayPal.
  4. You will finally receive a reply from PayPal’s Office of Executive Escalations saying they are looking in your case and after some days you will receive another full response explaining why they took your money for damages. Once you receive the full email justifying taking your money you may respond using the templates here:

Always put the following full email list in CC with your email reply!

They will try to dodge your complaint for some time, If your MAS complaint and replies failed to provoke PayPal then you have 2 options.

  1. Demand letter via a Singaporean lawyer which will be expensive.
  2. Suing PayPal in Singapore Small Claims Court, follow the instructions:

Sue PayPal in Singapore Without a Lawyer in Small Claims from Your Home via ZOOM

You can sue PayPal without leaving your home and without a lawyer through the small claims court in Singapore. Here is what to do:

Steps to sue PayPal from any country:

  1. You may need a Singaporean mailing address and phone number it should cost you only a little and there are a lot of websites offering these services. Address doesn’t have to be real as you technically don’t use this address or phone number ever. During verification of your court data you can just say it is a forwarding address and phone number. You can type any address and phone number, not a big deal. The court do verify your home country address but not the address in Singapore. It is also completely legal to use a friend’s address.
  2. Go to!/registration to register your account on the court’s website. Fill in your info using the Singaporean address and phone number you already rented in step no.1. (Make sure to type all correct information)
  3. You will get application number save it or print as you will need this in the next step.
  4. Go to and write a message to the court regarding you are overseas and you need to verify your CJTS pass via a ZOOM video conference. Make sure to mention the application number you got in step 3 within your message.
  5. After one business day the court will email you with the scheduled ZOOM conference stating the date and time. You will need to send a copy of your passport in PDF format and proof of home country address by replying to the email they sent. All these instruction will be in the email.
  6. After verifying your CJTS Pass in the ZOOM call you would be able to file a claim against PayPal from here
    This is the complete guide with screenshots for filling a claim.

Note that you can’t claim more than $20,000 SGD equivalent to around $15,000 USD using this method. If your amount is more and you can’t afford a lawyer you can still use this method! It will not cost you more than $300 to file this claim.

Sue PayPal from any country from your home

Make sure to contact the state court here after each step to make sure they are aware you are a foreigner overseas so they assign a ZOOM video conference for your small claim.

You can claim up to $20,000 SGD through this and you don’t need to own a Singapore address or phone number you only need to rent them through any online service. During verification just say you are a foreigner and these are forwarding address and phone number, it will be ok. Technically you don’t use the address or phone at any point it is all via email and ZOOM.

If you are not sure how you should be lodging this claim. PayPal are committing unfair business practices in violation of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act section 4
The liquidated damages clause is actually illegal
PayPal Actions IllegalAlso under the “Unfair Contract Terms Act” it may not stand in court.
PayPal Damages are Illegal

How Much it costs to Sue PayPal

Filling the small claim in Singapore court is very cheap/affordable and it will force PayPal to respond. It can be done via ZOOM from your home and this how much it cost you. Prices are in SGD!
How much to sue PayPal
A simplified guide of small claims in Singapore is uploaded below.

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