PayPal Holdings, Inc (San Jose, California, United States) NOT REGULATED. This is their main entity owning everything worldwide serving mainly US customers. 🌏 Anyone from any country can still sue them directly there in the USA as there are no laws prohibiting that.


πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ Fortunately Attorney Eric Bensamochan is starting a Class Action Lawsuit regarding this, you can fill this form to join and for a chance to be one of the main plaintiffs


send this form directly to ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))

🌐 Anyone from any country and any stolen amount can join and there are NO upfront fees πŸ’Έ . This process will take a long time. If you want to ask any questions contact Mr. Eric’s assistant by email ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])) she will be very responsive.


βœ… You may also consider filing a BBB complain here: [](


βœ… Complain to the CFPB: [](

βœ… Report to SEC: [](


βœ… Contact your congressperson: [](


🌍 Anyone from any country can complain to both BBB and CFPB. Make sure to file both complaints against PayPal’s main entity (Parent Company):

PayPal Holdings, Inc.

San Jose, California



If you want to get your money faster by litigating in the USA you better find your own lawyer willing to work on contingency or file a claim in the local small claims court. Lots of people got their money by just sending a demand letter through a lawyer.


If you are in the US and can’t afford hiring a lawyer you can use a mediation service like 🀝 []( that may help you reach a settlement with PayPal but usually less than 50% of your money, you may get more according to your negotiation skills.

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Are you also affected with β€œPayment to: Paypal; PayPal’s damages caused by Acceptable Use Policy violation.”?

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